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The OPUS eLearning Series as delivered by X Intake is both fast and convenient – Intake Specialists learn at their desks, completing the 3 courses with (18) one-hour programs around their jobs – it’s easy and highly effective.  It’s a tune-up for your entire department.

Close More Cases

With programs focusing on “Selling The Firm” and “Closing the Deal”, your team will learn to identify and close the “Potential New Client” and get the contract signed.  They’ll learn how to employ Active Listening and Empathy, Overcome Objections, Improve Accuracy and much more.

Communicate More Effectively

By training with the OPUS eLearning program, Intake Specialists and managers develop skill-sets ranging from connecting with the potential client, efficient pipeline and processes, and even problem-solving and effective tracking and reporting.



3 Courses, 18 “One-Hour” Lessons


Developed by Top Experts

Jay Jackson

Creator of the Six Sigma Approach to Legal Intake, a powerful strategy to maximize lead conversion, optimize intake departments, and increase overall profitability.   Developed with major law firms and business clients alike, he is the co-author of the best-selling book on Legal Intake.  Mr. Jackson’s Six Sigma partners include major Fortune 50 companies such as GE, IBM, Motorola, and Procter and Gamble, and his OPUS Intake Solutions have transformed many top firms in the Personal Injury and Mass Tort arena.

Dr. Michael McAleer

Dr. Michael McAleer has been overseeing successful intake operations for the last sixteen years at the Tomblin, Carnes, McCormack Law Firm and more recently at the Brent Coon and Associates Law Firm. Dr. McAleer is responsible for creating the Six Steps To Effective Intake as presented here. His background in teaching and his practical experience in intake make him the go-to guy for implementing the ideas in this book.


eLearning Testimonial

“1-888-GO-ANSWER! prides itself on being a best in class outsourced legal intake contact center but maintaining quality with over 500 agents spread around three contact centers can be a tall order. In an effort to always improve, we recently put 15 people through the Opus eLearning system and the results were so impressive that we’re rolling it out companywide. It’s now mandatory for our legal intake agents to go through the Opus eLearning system.”

Ryan Alovis, Managing Partner of 1888-GO-ANSWER!

“The OPUS team has brought it’s big-business mind-set to Mass Tort intake… instantly setting the standard on best practices with this fresh and powerful new approach. A must for any attorney that understands where his ROI really comes from and wants his Mass Torts truly Made Perfect.”

Mike Papantonio-Levin Law